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Due to COVID-19, camps and registered recreation and sport programs that cannot be hosted remotely have been cancelled for Summer 2020. Refunds will be provided to all registrants.

Program Details
March Break - National Lifeguard Certification: Loading Price...

Program Details

National Lifeguards guards are always in training to keep their skills, knowledge and fitness sharp. They are required to keep other important certifications such as CPR and first aid up-to-date. Some are trained in advanced treatments like using oxygen or in the use of specialized equipment like defibrillators and personal watercraft. National Lifeguard is Canada's only nationally recognized lifeguard certification program. National Lifeguard is a legal certificate for lifeguarding throughout the country. Prerequisites: Minimum 16 years of age. Bronze Cross certification and Standard First Aid certification (need not be current) from one of: Lifesaving Society, St. John Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Ski Patrol. National Lifeguard Pool certification is a prerequisite for the Waterpark Option. Evaluation & certification: Current National Lifeguard Instructors evaluate some items, but only National Lifeguard Examiners may certify candidates. The Lifesaving Society deems its certifications to be "current" for 24 months from the certification date. Required reference material: Alert: Lifeguarding in Action.

Program Offerings

National Lifeguard - AC - April 26-28, May 3-5
Spring/Summer 2019

6 spot(s) available
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Summary Dates Time Location Status
Sun, May 5 2019 at 4:30 PM until 6:30 PM Sun, May 5 2019 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Lane 1, Lane 1 - South, Lane 2, Lane 2 - South, Lane 3, Lane 3 - South, Lane 4, Lane 4 - South, Lane 5, Lane 5 - South, Lane 6, Lane 6- South, Lane 7, Lane 7 - South, Lane 8, Lane 8 - South , Lanes 1-4, Lanes 1-4 - South, Lanes 5-8, Lanes 5-8 - South, Quarter Pool, 25-37m, South End

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